The storm before the storm

We've spent the last month preparing for this weekend's London Bridal Expo at Western Fair, which runs Saturday and Sunday. It's hard to express how thankful we are for Anjhela's father, Patrick Michielsen of Sylvan Kitchens, for the work he put into making our set one of the best at the show. If only they would change the floor colour. Next time, we'll have to bring in our own flooring, but we're still learning! Here are some photos of Pat at work on site today, plus the finished booth. He also made the stunning live-edge walnut table we'll be using to show off our albums. If you're interested in it or other similar tables (you should see our coffee table!), drop me a note. LondonBridalShow-1 LondonBridalShow-2 LondonBridalShow-3 LondonBridalShow-5 LondonBridalShow-4

Merry Christmas from Parkhill

Who would have predicted, even just three months ago, that we would have spent Christmas Day in Parkhill hosting all of Iris's grandparents? When we were driving back to the airport to return to Nunavut that fateful September day, being able to spend such occasions with our family certainly became a mitigating factor in our decision. We haven't been home for Christmas for the past three years, so it was a real joy to see our families (short of my brother and nephew, who were working out west) this year, and to spend today in our new place with my parents and Anjhela's parents.

For our fine feast, here's the Jamie Oliver mushroom risotto I made with acorn squash, and the cake Anjhela's sister Leanne made (with a hint of blueberry inside, yum!): Christmas Dinner

The reasons we moved home: Christmas with the grandparents

Iris and her grandparents: Iris and her grandparents

And Iris sends out her wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in our lives (thanks to aunt Val and uncle Mike for the cute outfit). Christmas Pyjamas

Looking forward to reconnecting with you soon, with a revived 365 blog of sorts for the year 2013. Stay tuned! Lots of love from all of us.

Elimination Communication

Since the day our potty arrived, one month after our baby was born, we have been successfully helping her use it. That's right, our one-month-old baby uses the potty. It's pretty common anywhere other than the Western world to pick up hints when your baby needs to go to the washroom, so we've learned how to take our baby's cues and get her on the potty. This is called elimination communication, and it's pretty easy to do. It works almost all the time, except for some late night misses. What a relief, though, as we save a lot of hassle cleaning dirty cloth diapers. Those who use paper diapers would save lots of cash doing this.

If you're considering doing this with your baby, there are some good books out there, but our favourite is Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this.