Casey is a quiet, unassuming photographer with an eye for art who captures it in a way that very few can.
— Kim Widdis
In my experience, Casey Lessard has shown incredible talent and ability in his personal and professional work. He captures the moment for you, and then invites you to peek in at that moment with him. I love that! Casey not only captures great shots, but he is competently educated in all areas of photography. He can easily explain how and when a picture was shot. To me, being able to explain the shot and take it as well, is rare and essential!
— Julia Pettapiece
Casey, your work as I’ve seen is very visceral – from my point of view, you have an eye for the aesthetic and ethereal. I hope to see your work in a gallery back here in Canada – West Coast! When I first viewed your photo of the punts on the Cherwell River I instantly thought I would love to have that print on a LARGE wall in my house. Seriously, I want that. The photo appears as though it was painted but with the integrity of photographic ingenuity. I look forward to seeing more of your work online, and hopefully in a gallery very soon.
— Heather Prince
Casey is an amazing photographer. My experience with him is that he is always ready and always looking for a photo. When we were travelling with him he was taking natural shots of us interacting with each other and our surroundings, which to me are the best pictures, the ones that you don’t know are being taken. Casey is very good at capturing a moment, especially when it comes to people and buildings!!!
— Samantha Mitton
Casey is aware of his surroundings when taking photos. He is thinking of angles, views and unique opportunities that you haven’t considered.
His completed photos are sharp and edited to perfection.
— Amanda Liebeck
I have, and I do recommend you, not only as a photographer, but also as a teacher of digital photography. I have followed your work on Facebook and I am always inspired by your work, your fresh ideas, and you make me want to better my own passion for photography.
— Melanie MacDonald
Absolutely no question in my mind, I would recommend Casey as a photographer in a split second. Casey’s work never fails to amaze me. His photos always have something special to them, they are always so bold and definitely make a statement. I have only had the experience of taking his classes, unfortunately not to be in any of his photos but I have seen a lot of his work and it is always creative, fun, interesting and just plain wonderful!
— Carrie Hohner
Casey is a very creative and technically strong photographer who goes out of his way to get a unique vision or perspective on a subject. He is particularly good at capturing the character of people in his work.
— David Bannister
It is my opinion that if you consider Casey’s experience in the photographic world, between wedding shoots, the production and distribution of his own newspaper and the photography classes he gave to the residents of Grand Bend and surrounding area, he is a very versatile individual with a fresh outlook on the community. He is a young man who takes pride in his work and is reliable to give his assistance when needed. Casey has always encouraged the people around him to do their best and he is the reason I have started my own photography business. Without his supportive comments, I would never have thought I was able to do so.
— Brenda Parsons
Casey is so personable and easy to talk to. He is passionate about life and about his work and his family and friends. His photographs bring out the real essence of his subjects and he captures the beauty and simplicity of nature – in a quirky, original way. Casey is just a wonderful guy!
— Dianne Heatherington


Casey’s an awesome teacher and an amazing photographer that I’d recommend to anyone. His lessons are very clear, easy to follow, informative and useful. His experience as a photographer only adds to the quality of his lessons. I got a sense of credibility from Casey. Unlike my photography teacher in high school, Casey definitely knows what he’s teaching quite well and he has no problem slowing down to offer assistance. All in all, Casey’s one of the nicest, smartest and skilled photographers one could ever hope to meet and I can’t recommend him enough.
— Shane Kalicharan
Casey Lessard is an amazing photographer who not only has a clear grasp on what photography is and how to capture it, but he is also able to extend this passion and wisdom to others by going back to the very basics and getting to the guts of what makes a photo great. He is an amazing teacher who is genuine and honest and great with people. His passion for the art is clearly what inspires him to pursue photography and all its elements. His keen eye of what makes an awesome photo makes his work a definite cut above. I would highly recommend Casey as both a photographer and as a teacher of photography.
— Becky Veen
In the years I have known Casey, I had intended to enroll in one of his many photography classes. This past summer, I finally completed one of his beginner courses. In a small and intimate class, he taught the students many valuable skills and lessons I use each time I pick up the camera. My only regret is that I did not take more of Casey’s classes years earlier. Casey has a great deal of skill with the camera, photo editing programs and much more.
— Julie Stellingwerff
My experience with Casey as a student of photography has spanned a few years. My interest has grown from a desire to explore the basics of photography to what has become an intense never-have-enough-time hobby and, having seen some of my work, people want to hire me. That in and of itself makes me want to reach further. Learning the basics and building on that with enough confidence to move forward is often a function of having a good relationship with one’s teacher. Casey is a very competent, patient instructor who is able to handle large groups of students while making each feel that they are receiving individual attention. Casey is able to understand each student’s level of understanding and explain lesson topics accordingly. While not offering praise easily, he is encouraging and supportive of each student. Casey has always been willing to explore new techniques and share them with his students as he learns. I would heartily recommend that anyone wishing to learn about photography consider Casey’s classes.
— Karen Brown
Casey shared his innovative approach to photography with all of us. I was fortunate to participate in one of his photography classes in Grand Bend. Casey inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and look beyond the obvious, to capture a special moment in time.
Casey made a lasting impression on me, and I know that his talents, enthusiasm and curiosity will continue to touch many more people during his journey through life.
— Regine Switzer


Your photos in the Grand Bend Strip are impressive, capturing the moment and showing the essence of the people you photograph. Your photojournalism style is the best!
— Lea James
Casey Lessard’s work with the South Huron District High School, specifically with the Music Department, was consistently of the highest quality and relevance. Casey donated his time and services to accompany us on trips to Chicago, Ottawa and covered many concerts and events at the school. At each, Casey brought an artistic perspective to our work, and photographed our adventures in a way that told a story. He was always professional with the students, kind and easy-going, and took a genuine interest in our community. I would recommend Casey to any prospective client based on his solid work ethic, his commitment to quality and his overall proven character and work as a photographer.
— Isaac Moore