Photoshop Basics

Workspace overview (from Our workspace is the area we set up to do our work.

Customizing your workspace (from - You'll have the toolbar (at left), the menus (at top) and palettes (at right). To bring missing ones into view or to hide ones you have, go to View menu and check or uncheck the Tools (toolbar) or individual palettes you want to show or hide.

Tools - a primer (from - Wondering what tool does what? Here's where to find a full breakdown of all of the tools and what they do.

Colour correction (from - Note: We almost exclusively use Levels, Curves and Hue/Saturation, but there are others that are useful

Selection tools (from - Selection tools allow you to select a group of pixels. We use the rectangular marquee, lasso, magnetic lasso, quick selection and magic wand tools.

Selection options - Under the Select menu, there are many options for modifying your selection.

Retouching tools (from - Please think before using, and always start with a brush size as small as you need - smaller is better when you are working with details. To change your brush size, use the [ and ] (square bracket) keys. We use the clone stamp, healing brush, spot healing brush, patch tool and red eye tool.